Gönderen Konu: Batman Family macera isimleri  (Okunma sayısı 86 defa)

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  • Özel Alfa Ajanı
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Batman Family macera isimleri
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1- The Invader from Hell-The Great Handcuff King-Commissioner Gordon's Death Threat-Challenge of the Man-Bat
2- Batgirl Breaks Up the Dynamic Duo-The Dynamic Trio-The Cluemaster's Topsy-Turvy Crimes-Alfred's Mystery Menu
3- Isle of a Thousand Thrills-The Challenge of Batwoman-Crimes of the Kite-Man-The Year 3000!
4- Cage Me Or Kill Me!- Robin's White (Very) Christmas-Batman Meets Fatman-The Secret War of the Phantom General
5- The Princess and the Vagabond-Ace the Bat-Hound-The Signs of the Signalman
6- Valley of the Copper Moon- The Joker's Daughter-In the Soup-The New Crimes of the Mad Hatter
7- 13 Points to a Dead End-The Amazing Dr. Double-X!- The Broken Batman Trophies
8- The Copycatgirl Capers-The Web of the Spinner-Batgirl's Last Case
9- Startling Secret of the Devilish Daughters-Recipe For Revenge-The Blockbuster Breaks Loose
10- Those Were the Bad Old Days!- Bruce Wayne Loses the Guardianship of Dick Grayson-The Second Boy Wonder
11- Till Death Do Us Part-Man-Bat Over Manhattan-Surprise! Surprise
12- I Am Batgirl's Brother-Dread Night of the Jaguar-Rally Round Robin
13- The Man Who Melted Manhattan
14- Old Super-Heroines Never Die -- They Just Fade Away-Cinemattack
15- Find the Batcave and Rule the Underworld-Target: The Shotgun Sniper
16- Fury of the Five-In-One Foe-Man-Bat: "Bulls-Eye for Murder
17- Scars-Horoscopes of Crime!- There's a Demon Born Every Minute
18- The Monstrosity Chase-The Fine Art of Murder-Assault on the Pentagon-Man-Bat No More
19- The Tomb of the White Bat-The Sino-Supermen-The Crime Rate is Earth-Shaking-The Once and Future Man-Bat
20- Enter the Ragman-Peril of the Power Sower-Private Eye Man-Bat- Trial by Fire


1- Perception
2- Duplicity
3- P.O.V
4- Identity
5- Interrogation
6- Machinery
7- Precipice
8- Blackout
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