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Justice League of America macera isimleri
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1- The World of No Return
2- Secret of the Sinister Sorcerers
3- The Slave Ship of Space
4- Doom of the Star Diamond
5- When Gravity Went Wild
6- The Wheel of Misfortune
7- The Cosmic Fun-House
8- For Sale -- The Justice League!
9- The Origin of the Justice League
10- The Fantastic Fingers of Felix Faust!
11- One Hour to Doomsday
12- The Last Case of the Justice League
13- The Riddle of the Robot Justice League!
14- The Menace of the "Atom" Bomb
15- The Challenge of the Untouchable Aliens
16- The Cavern of Deadly Spheres!
17- The Triumph of the Tornado Tyrant
18- Journey Into the Micro-World
19- The Super-Exiles of Earth
20- The Mystery of Spaceman X!
21- Crisis on Earth-One
22- Crisis on Earth-Two
23- Drones of the Queen Bee
24- Decoy Missions of the Justice League
25- Outcasts of Infinity
26- Four Worlds to Conquer
27- The "I" Who Defeated the Justice League
28- The Case of the Forbidden Super-Powers
29- Crisis on Earth-Three
30- The Most Dangerous Earth of All
31- Riddle of the Runaway Room
32- Attack of the Star-Bolt Warrior!
33- Enemy From the Timeless World
34- The Deadly Dreams of Doctor Destiny
35- Battle Against the Mindless Uniforms
36- The Case of the Disabled Justice League
37- Earth -- Without a Justice League
38- Crisis on Earth-A
39- Starro the Conquerer!- The Case of the Stolen Super-Powers-When Gravity Went Wild
40- Indestructible Creatures of Nightmare Island
41- The Key-Master of the World
42- Metamorpho Says – NO
43- The Card Crimes of the Royal Flush Gang
44- The Plague That Struck the Justice League
45- The Super-Struggle Against Shaggy Man
46- Crisis Between Earth-One and Earth-Two
47- The Bridge Between Earths
48- Challenge of the Weapons Master!
49- Threat of the True-Or-False Sorcerer
50- The Lord of Time Attacks the 20th Century
51- Z -- As in Zatanna -- and Zero Hour
52- Missing in Action -- 5 Justice Leaguers
53- Secret Behind the Stolen Super-Weapons
54- History-Making Costumes of the Royal-Flush Gang
55- The Super-Crisis That Struck Earth-Two
56- The Negative-Crisis on Earths One-Two
57- Man, Thy Name is -- Brother!
58- The World of No Return
59- The Justice Leagues' Impossible Adventure
60- Winged Warriors of the Immortal Queen
61- Operation: Jail the Justice League
62- Panic from a Blackmail Box!
63- Time Signs a Death-Warrant for the Justice League
64- The Stormy Return of the Red Tornado!
65- T.O. Morrow Kills the Justice League – Today
66- Divided - They Fall
67- Doom of the Star Diamond!
68- Neverwas...the Chaos-Maker
69- A Matter of Menace
70- Versus the Creeper
71- And So, My World Ends
72- 13 Days to Doom
73- Star Light, Star Bright - Death Star I See Tonight
74- Where Death Fears to Tread!
75- In Each Man There is a Demon!
76- The Cosmic Fun-House
77- Snapper Carr -- Super-Traitor
78- The Coming of the Doomsters
79- Come Slowly Death, Come Slyly!
80- Night of the Soul-Stealer
81- Plague of the Galactic Jest-Master
82- Peril of the Paired Planets
83- Where Valor Fails... Will Magic Triumph?
84- The Devil In Paradise-Great Ant Circus
85- The Fantastic Fingers of Felix Faust
86- Earth's Final Hour
87- Batman - King of the World
88- The Last Survivors of Earth
89- The Most Dangerous Dreams of All
90- Plague of the Pale People
91- Earth - The Monster-Maker-The Day the World Melted-The Hour Hourman Died
92- Solomon Grundy - The One and Only-The One-Man Justice League-Space-Enemy Number One
93- Riddle of the Robot Justice League
94- Where Strikes Demonfang?
95- The Private War of Johnny Dune!
96- Meet the Cosmic Vampire-Hourman: "The Origin of... 'Tick-Tock' Tyler the Hourman-Wildcat: "The Monkey's Circle
97- The Day The Earth Screams
98- No More Tomorrows-The Woman Who Wanted the World-The Three Comets
99- Seeds of Destruction-The Sandman: Case of the Stolen Emeralds-The Atom: Terror Rides the Rails
100- The Unknown Soldier of Victory
101- The Hand That Shook the World
102- And One of Us Must Die!"
103- A Stranger Walks Among Us!
104- The Shaggy Man Will Get You if You Don't Watch Out
105- Specter in the Shadows
106- Wolf in the Fold!
107- Crisis on Earth-X
108- Thirteen Against the Earth
109- The Doom of the Divided Man!
110- The Man Who Murdered Santa Claus!
111- Justice League of America: Balance of Power-Seven Soldiers of Victory: The Black Star Shines! (Part 1)- Justice League of America: Attack of the Star-Bolt Warrior
112- Justice League of America: War With the One-Man Justice League!- Seven Soldiers of Victory: The Black Star Shines! (Part 2)- Starman: Starman's Lucky Star-Justice League of America: The Super-Exiles of Earth
113- The Creature in the Velvet Cage
114- The Return of Anakronus
115- The Last Angry God-Evil Star Over Hollywood-Indestructible Creatures of Nightmare Island
116- The Challenge of the Untouchable Aliens-The Kid Who Won Hawkman's Wings-Mastermind of Menaces-Mr. Nobody
117- I Have No Wings and I Must Fly!
118- Takeover Of The Earth-Masters
119- Winner Takes Earth
120- The Parallel Perils of Adam Strange
121- The Hero Who Jinxed the Justice League!
122- The Great Identity Crisis
123- Where on Earth Am I?
124- Avenging Ghosts of the Justice Society
125- The Men Who Sold Destruction!
126- The Evil Connection
127- The Command Is "Chaos
128- Death-Visions of the Justice League
129- The Earth Dies Screaming
130- Skyjack at 22,300 Miles
131- The Beasts Who Thought Like Men
132- The Beasts Who Fought Like Men
133- Missing- -One Man Of Steel!
134- The Battle at the Edge of Forever
135- Crisis in Eternity
136- Crisis on Earth-S
137- Crisis in Tomorrow
138- Adam Strange - Puppet of Time!
139- The Cosmic Conspiracy Against Adam Strange-The Ice Age Cometh
140- No Man Escapes The Manhunter!
141- No World Escapes The Manhunters
142- Return From Forever
143- A Tale of Two Satellites
144- The Origin of the Justice League - Minus One
145- The Carnival of Souls
146- Inner Mission
147- Crisis in the 30th Century!
148- Crisis In Triplicate
149- The Face of the Star-Tsar!
150- The Key - Or Not The Key
151- The Unluckiest League of All!
152- 2,000 Light-Years to Christmas
153- Earth's First And Last Super-Hero
154- I'll Kill You In Your Dreams!
155- Under The Moons Of Earth!
156- The Fiend with Five Faces
157- Till Doom Do Us Part
158- The Super-Power of Negative Thinking
159- Crisis From Yesterday
160- Crisis From Tomorrow
161- The Reverse-Spells of Zatanna's Magic
162- The Creation Conspiracy
163- Concert of the Damned
164- Murder By Melody
165- A Mother Of Magic
166- The Long Way Home
167- The League that Defeated Itself
168- The Last Great Switcheroo
169- The Doomsday Decision
170- While A World Lies Burning
171- The Murderer Among Us: Crisis Above Earth-One
172- I Accuse
173- Testing Of A Hero
174- A Plague of Monsters
175- But Can an Android Dream
176- The Dream Factories of Doctor Destiny
177- The Graveyard Gambit
178- The Chess-Master of Mars
179- The Siren Song of the Satin Satan
180- A Beautiful Evil
181- The Stellar Crimes of the Star-Tsar
182- Reprise
183- Crisis on New Genesis" or "Where Have All the New Gods Gone?
184- Crisis Between Two Earths" or "Apokolips Now
185- Crisis on Apokolips", or "Darkseid Rising!
186- Who Can Stop The Shaggy Man?
187- Proteus Says: All Things Must Change
188- The Metamorph War-The Miracle at 22,300 Miles
189- The Return of the Starfish Conqueror
190- Our Friends, Our Enemies
191- The Key Crisis of the One-Man Justice League
192- Quest for Genesis
193- Secret of Genesis-All Star Squadron
194- Destiny is a Stacked Deck
195- Targets of Two Worlds
196- Countdown to Crisis
197- Crisis in Limbo!
198- Once Upon a Time in the Wild Wild West.
199- Grand Canyon Showdown
200- A League Divided
201- A Hero For All Seasons
202- Star Fall
203- Shuffle and Deal... with Death!
204- The Cut of the Cards
205- The Final Hand
206- The Secret That Time Forgot!
207- Crisis on Earth-Prime! Book One: Crisis Times Three
208- Crisis on Earth-Prime! Book Three: The Bomb-Blast Heard 'Round the World-Masters of the Universe: "Fate Is the Killer
209- Crisis on Earth-Prime! Book Five: “Let Old Acquaintances Be Forgot
210- When a World Dies Screaming
211- The Devil's Bargain
212- X Element
213- Into the Microcosmos
214- The Siren Sisterhood
215- Into the Microcosmos Part Three
216- Into the Microcosmos -- Conclusion!
217- All The Elements Of Disaster!
218- The Price of Humanity
219- Crisis in the Thunderbolt Dimension!
220- The Doppelganger Gambit
221- Beasts
222- Beasts II: Death Games
223- Beasts Part Three: Blood Sport
224- The Supremacy Factor
225- Let There Be Light
226- Hell on Earth
227- Dragon Keep
228- War -- of the World? (Part I of III)
229- War of the Worlds, 1984 (Part II of III) - Bitter Ashes
230- War of the Worlds, 1984 (Part III of III) - Blessed is the Peacemaker
231- Family Crisis
232- Battlegrounds
233- Rebirth (Part I of IV) - Gang War
234- Rebirth: Two
235- Rebirth: Three - Heavy Metal
236- Rebirth: Part Four--Conclusion: Gypsy Genius
237- Lest Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot
238- Savage Symphony
239- In the Shadow of the Ox
240- The Future Ain't What it Used to Be
241- Sea Change
242- Battle Cry
243- Storm Clouds
244- The Final Crisis
245- The Long Road Home
246- Be It Ever So Humble
247- There's No Place Like Home
248- Interweavings
249- All Fall Down!
250- Return of the Justice League of America
251- Hunters And Prey
252- Arrival
253- Pyre
254- Desperate Climax
255- Rising
256- Back to Godhead
257- Coming Down
258- Saving Face
259- Homecoming
260- Flesh
261- The End of the Justice League, Conclusion: Last Stand


1- If I Should Die Before I Wake
2- The End of the Justice League
3- Force of Nature

Justice League of America Super Spectacular

1- The Planet That Came to a Standstill-The Case of the Patriotic Crimes-Suddenly... the Witness Vanished!- Starro the Conqueror
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Çevrimdışı Nemo

  • Özel Alfa Ajanı
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  • Çizgi Roman Sevdalısı
  • *****
  • İleti: 2,109
Ynt: Justice League of America macera isimleri
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0- Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
1- The Tornado's Path, Part I of VI
2- The Tornado's Path (Part II of VI) - Tornado-Red/Tornado-Blue
3- The Tornado's Path (Part III of VI) - Tornado Outbreak!/The Brave & The Bold
4- The Tornado's Path (Part IV of VI) - Being Human
5- The Tornado's Path Chapter Five: Born Again
6- The Tornado's Path, Final Chapter: Iron Man
7- The Tornado's Path, Epilogue: Roll Call
8- The Lightning Saga (Part I of V): Lightning Lad
9- The Lightning Saga (Part III of V): Suicide
10- The Lightning Saga (Part V of V) - The Villain is the Hero in His Own Story
11- Walls
12- Monitor Duty
13- Injustice League Unlimited, Chapter 2
14- Injustice League Unlimited (Part III of IV) - Two Against Nature
15- Injustice League Unlimited (Part IV of IV): Unleashed
16- A Brief Tangent
17- Sanctuary: Part One-Meanwhile, Back in the Kitchen
18- Sanctuary: Part Two-Meanwhile, Back at owl creek bridge
19- Sanctuary: Part Three
20- Back up to Speed
21- The Gathering Crisis
22- The Second Coming (Chapter One) - The Windening Gyre
23- The Second Coming (Part II) - Things Fall Apart
24- The Second Coming (Part III) - The Blood Dimmed Tide
25- The Second Coming (Part IV) - The Best Lack All Conviction
26- The Second Coming (Part V) - Spiritus Mundi
27- Be Careful What You Wish For
28- Welcome to Sundown Town - Chapter 2: Shadow and Act
29- Star Struck
30- Welcome to Sundown Town, Chapter 3: New Moon Rising
31- Welcome to Sundown Town, Interlude: Crisis of Confidence
32- Welcome to Sundown Town, Chapter 4: Nyctophobia
33- Welcome to Sundown Town, Chapter 6: Metathesiophobia
34- Welcome to Sundown Town, Conclusion: The Dharma Initiative
35- Royal Pain!, Chapter One: Luck of the Draw
36- Royal Pain!, Chapter Two: Shuffle up and Die
37- Royal Pain!, Chapter Three: Dead Man's Hand
38- Out of the Ashes
39- Reunion, Part One
40- Reunion, Part Two
41- Team History
42- Team History
43- Rise and Fall: All Along The Watchtower
44- Devil in the Details
45- Prelude to The Dark Things
46- The Dark Things-Cogs, Part 1
47- The Dark Things, Part 3-Cogs, Part 2
48- The Dark Things, Part 5-Cogs, Part 3
49- The Bogeyman
50- Omega, Part 1: Worlds Collide
51- Omega, Part 2: The Power of a Million Souls
52- Omega, Part 3: D.C. Challenge
53- Omega, Part 4: Finale
54- Eclipso Rising, Part One: Shadow Warriors
55- Eclipso Rising, Part Two: Mayhem
56- Eclipso Rising, Part Three:The Battle for Emerald City
57- Eclipso Rising, Part Four: Wrath & Vengeance
58- Eclipso Rising, Part Five: The Destined and the Dying
59- Eclipso Rising, Part Six
60- Adjourned


1- World's Most Dangerous, Chapter One
2- World's Most Dangerous, Chapter Two-Security Detail
3- World's Most Dangerous, Chapter Three: The Forest and the Trees-Missing Pieces
4- World's Most Dangerous, Chapter Four: The Good, The Bad, and The Shaggy-Trial By Fire
5- World's Most Dangerous, Chapter Five–The Martian Manhunter
6- Trinity War, Chapter Two
7- Trinity War, Chapter Four
7.1- Deadshot: Point And Shoot
7.2- Killer Frost: Freezing To Death
7.3- Shadow Thief: Circles of Deceit
7.4- Black Adam: Freedom Fighter
8- Paradise Lost
9- Dark Arts
10- In Your Head
11- Despair
12- tick, tick, tick
13- It's All Behind You
14- Debrief


1- Power And Glory
2- Power And Glory, Part Two
3- Power and Glory, Part Three
4- Power and Glory, Part Four
5- The Unnamed
6- Power and Glory, Part Five
7- Power and Glory, Part Six
8- Power and Glory, Part Seven
9- Power and Glory, Part Eight
10- Power and Glory: Part Nine


1- The Extremists, Part One
2- The Extremists, Part Two
3- The Extremists, Part Three
4- The Extremists, Finale
5- Heart of a Bastich, Part One
6- Heart of a Bastich, Part Two
7- Terrorstrike
8- The Man from Monster Valley
9- The Man from Monster Valley, Part Two
10- Curse of the Kingbutcher, Part One
11- Curse of the Kingbutcher, Part Two
12- Panic in the Microverse, Part One
13- Panic in the Microverse, Part Two
14- Panic in the Microverse, Part Three
15- Panic in the Microverse, Part Four
16- Panic in the Microverse, Part Five
17- Panic in the Microverse, Finale ( OCAK 2018- DEVAM EDECEK)

When I'm with you, there is no place I'd rather be...

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